the LIGHT BEE electric bike by Surron. The ‘LBX’ is an all terrain off road bike and the L1E, as awesome as the ‘X’, but with the inclusion of mud guards, lights, indicators and registration documents to make this ROAD LEGAL.

Wheelies, burn outs and jumping, all these skills will be easy to accomplish after riding on the Light Bee. It can be used by newcomers, competition amongst friends, parent-child interaction and professional training. Everyone can enjoy the fun of riding Light Bee.

In sports mode, the strong power output up to 7KW and the instantaneous torque of up to 250N.m, makes the Light Bee X easy to handle. Additionally, the 19-inch professional off-road wheel set is excellent in the abilities of manoeuvrability and never gets stuck. All of these contribute to this electric dirt bikes awesome performance.

FROM £4495 (inc)

Ultra lightweight design
Maximum Torque
Huge ground clearnace

Cruising range
Short wheelbase
Large disc brakes

7.8KG Ultra lightweight frame

Aviation standard aluminium alloy forged frames tested to 6,000 tons of pressure. They have one of the top G3 curve designs in the industry and are produced by a fully automated welding process to ensure the consistency in production.

High performance brake system

Opposed four piston hydraulic brake system. Reliable high brake performance. Metallic brake pad gives high brake performance and long durability. The 203mm brake discs offer more immediate and safer braking action.

All-day GPS monitoring

Built-in high precision GPS. Sign up on the Surron official app and connect your bike to your phone. Tracking your bike location and review your riding route at anytime and anywhere.

Light Bee X / L1E Specifictations

Motor Type Air cooled permanent magnet synchronous motor
Weight / Motor External Diameter 7.0kg / 180mm
Motor axle length 130mm
Peak efficiency 95.60%
Cooling method Air-Cooled
Controller type Sine wave controller
Dimensions 240mm x 110mm x 50mm
Peak efficiency 98.50%
Power modes Eco and Sport
Rated voltage 60v (DC)
Rated power / peak power 3,000W / 6,000W
Motor shaft output torque @ 1000rpm 35.40Nm
Rated Rotation Speed 4300rpm
Peak efficiency 97.8%
Range of efficiency (≥80) 1.4Nm – 21.5Nm
Road Legal The ‘X’ is NOT road legal, the L1E IS road legal in the UK.
Gear Ratio 1:7.6
Transmission Primary belt & 420 drive chain
Battery 60V 32A Lithium battery with 176 cells
Battery life 500 cycles (reduces thereafter)
Battery charge indicator Integrated LCD display
Charger 10A
Charging time 2.5 – 3.5 hours
USB connection Single USB 2.1 Type A socket
Speedometer LCD digital speedometer
Headlight & rear light LED
Chassis & swingarm Forged aluminium
Chassis surface and colour processing Anodic Oxidation
Front suspension KKE, DNM, RST of Fastace, adjustable for preload & rebound
Rear shock absorber KKE, DNM, RST or Fastace Shock with TR suspension link system. Adjustable for compression & rebound
Wheel type & size 19″ x 1.4 spoked wheels front/rear, Alloy Hubs
Tyre size 70/100 – 19″ front & rear
Max Range 60 miles @ 20mph depending on terrain
Net weight 47kg (plus battery)
Maximum load 100kg (220lbs)
Maximum climbing angle 45°
Rear sprocket 48T (optional 58T available)
Side stand yes, with kill switch
Vehicle dimensions 1870mm x 780mm x1040mm
Minimum ground clearance 270mm
Wheelbase 1260mm
Seat height 84 – 88cm